A long time from now in the Via Lacteus…


Eppisode XXV: Purloined Hope

It is a time of mere anarchy and chaos, the once mighty EMPIRE OF MAN has fallen,
and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned. But one forlorn hope remains,
striking forth from the fifth and last of the BYZANTIVM class battle-planetoids,
a rag-tag fleet crusades against the blood-dimmed tide of the XOTHIAN JIHAD.
Allied star forces have won their first victory against this falling shadow.
During the battle, Alliance agents managed to steal an ancient artifact vital
to the Jihad’s quest to obtain an ultiamte weapon of terible destructive power;
the Hyper Dimensional Fortress R’lyeh, lost cyclopean necropolis of the pophet
of darkness and progenitor of the Xothian race.
Pursued by the Dragon’s sinister cultists, a small band of smugglers burns for
one of the last ports of call for free spacers aboard their rusty starship,
unknowing custodians of the stolen artifact that can save their peoples
and restore freedom to the galaxy…

Battle space

Greetings noble sirs and/or madam, my name is Charlie Foxtrot Six Niner, organo-mechanoid relations, but you can call me Charlie. My faculties are at your disposal, I trust you will find my interface pleasing sir/madam. This data-slate will grant you access to this facility’s databanks, enjoy.

Legend of Void Wars